Improving: A Better, Bigger Bag

Well, all that struggle with the wonky little cell phone bag wasn’t for naught: the second version turned out much better than the first.

Bag Version 2

There’s version 2.0, modeled by Bertha. I used two different faux leathers for a color block effect. I did this because a) it looks neat and b) it’s a necessary design adaptation for making a larger bag out of the variously colored leather sample pieces, which are only about 8 x 8 inches.

In addition, I changed the construction of the lining to hide the raw inside edges of the outer part of the bag. I was much more careful to neatly line up my pieces. And I made it bigger. Not only does the larger size provide ample room for my iPhone in its Otterbox case; it made sewing it together a bit easier.

Photo Sep 12


I used vintage brass chain and D rings I purchased on Etsy for the strap and scrap cotton fabric from my stash for the lining.

This bag also features the One Hour Snap. You can’t buy it in stores, but if you’re me, you can someone turn trying to insert a perfectly everyday heavy duty snap into a 60-minute endeavor. My errors began trying to hammer in the snap on a wooden cabinet, which was too shaky to allow me to put adequate force onto the pieces that need to grab onto each other. I finally went out to the garage and used the concrete floor, dampened with an old towel, as my work surface. It worked much better, but by that time I had bent the bottom snap out of place. Removing a heavy duty snap proved incredibly difficult, which is a a testament to how heavy duty they are. It took no fewer than five different tools, 30 minutes, and an uncounted number of swear words to get the darn thing off.

I will tell you, I celebrated when I held this newly finished little bag in my hand. I showed it off to my mom and dad like a kindergartner with a finger painting. I held in my hands physical evidence that I could be a competent maker, that I am somewhere on the path to being a skilled craftsperson, even if I do not feel particularly advanced along that path. I can suck less. That was a significant accomplishment.

And that, dear reader, is where I stopped for the day. While I was ahead.

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